Pet Blow & stretch

Pet stretch Blow moulding is where a rod will come down and stretch the preform and blow the preform to the size of the bottle

Partner: Chia Ming

Our range of Pet Blow Moulding Machines

  • CMA(D) Series
  • CMA(S) Series
  • CMA(BS,BD) Series
  • CMA(CS,CD) Series
  • CMA(H) Series
  • CMS(D,M,BS,BD,W) Series
  • CMSQ(W) Series
  • HL Series
  • CMSQ1
  • CMS(L) Series
  • CMH Series

Features and includes:

  • KEBA Computer controller from Austria
  • Servo motor with Gear pump
  • Hydraulic core pulling device X 1
  • Air blow device X 2
  • Glass 6 tube water flow regulator
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • Mould clamp
  • Tool box