Blow Film

Blown Film is a manufacturing process that produce films of plastic sheeting and tubes. These sheets or tubes can either be fully cylindrical, or have other object inserted into them so they form useful objects like shopping bags, rubbish bags or cling wrap

Through absorbing the oversea advanced technology and many years self-development innovation, we have developed many series products of high-speed LDPE, HDPE blowing machine unit, PP film blowing machine set, exhaust type recycle machine, bags making machine and printing machine, etc.

All the kinds of the equipment have special and reasonable design, convenient operation, and the machine with high technology quality, high output and have win the concurrent positive comments from the users.

Partner: Costar Machinery

Our range of Blowfilm Machines:

  • SJ50-800 Zip-Lock Film Blowing Machine
  • SJ55/55-1000 PP Co-Extrusion Film
  • SJ65-800 PP Film Blowing Machine
  • SJ55-2-600 Double Die One Extruder Film

Features and includes:

  • KEBA Computer controller from Austria
  • Servo motor with Gear pump
  • Hydraulic core pulling device X 1
  • Air blow device X 2
  • Glass 6 tube water flow regulator
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • Mould clamp
  • Tool box